3.Kolo Regionálnej Ligy Šariš Zemplín

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Shooting Range Location on the map was not specified Date 07.07.2019 Organizer Klub reprezentantov klubov
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Main Match : 07.07.2019
Main Match Time First Shot : 10:00
Main Match Time Registration : 09:15
Day registration options at the beginning of Match : 07.07.2019
Time after which you can begin registration on Match : 09:15
Deadline : 07.07.2019
Main Match Time Awarding Ceremony. : 14:00
Arbitration fee : 100 EUR
Range Master Glezgo Tomáš
Match Director Peter Sopko
Stats Officer Simona Moskaľová
Match Attachment Propozcie.Kolo3.pdf

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Division : Standard | Open | Production |
Level : 1 |
Fiream type : Pistol |
Factor : Major | Minor |
Match Rounds : 109
Category Shooters : Senior Junior Lady Super Senior Regular
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